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Legal marketing for the brave, the bold, the entrepeneurial.

The only legal marketing partner you'll ever need.

Legal Marketing that Moves Mountains

At Saltmarsh Marketing, we’re not just another legal marketing agency;
we’re your avant-garde partner in crime (the legal kind, naturally).

We specialise in catapulting legal brands—big, small, bold, or just starting out—
into the limelight with smart and savvy advice and support.

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Flagship Marketing Programmes 

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Our flagship marketing programmes are a culmination of over twenty years of legal marketing excellence, designed for maximum impact.

They are so much more than just outsourcing your marketing. They are about working with a partner who is as equally committed as you are.

Your Legal Marketing Powerhouse

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Are you a law firm or legal founder with a business vision? A lawyer in a law firm looking to grow your brand? A legal consultant looking to spread your wings?

Whatever your mission, we’re here to make your marketing soar — without it feeling like pulling teeth.

From Small Beginnings to Legal Legends

For the up-and-comers in legal tech, the innovators in law firms,
the founders with a big idea, we're your crew.

Our marketing programmes are a mix of laser-sharp strategy and the flexibility needed to launch and scale. We're more than marketing; we're your brand's launchpad.

Legal Marketing Services

Take your pick from one or more of the following options, depending upon where you are with your business.  Click for more info on each service. And if you can't see what you need here, get in touch.
We're developing new packages for our clients all the time.

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LinkedIn for Legal

If you want to be visible and findable on LinkedIn for your target audience, then don't post without a strategy and hope for the best. 


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LinkedIn Collaborate

You're a senior legal professional bursting with ideas on what you want to say on LinkedIn - but you need backup!




Imagine having a seasoned legal marketing expert residing in your mental think-tank. Terrifying or terrific? I bet on the latter.


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Marketing masterplanning

Structured, collaborative marketing coaching for legal founders. 


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Marketing Momentum

Marketing Momentum Sessions have been designed to give all kinds of legal professionals access to an expert adviser and marketing coach on a flexible basis.



Marketing milestones

Legal founders – if you want “literally” the whole marketing package – this one’s for you.


Why Saltmarsh? Because We Get It Done.

We stand with the disruptors, the dreamers, and the doers.
Our speciality?

Injecting your legal brand with energy, turning plans into action, and delivering results that really speak.

Your path to marketing success begins here...

... it’s always exciting and never a drag.

For the ambitious, the bold, and those with entrepreneurial spirit, we have a clear mission:

To make sure you're not just part of the conversation - you're leading it.

With Saltmarsh Marketing and Helen Squared, reaching new heights isn't just a goal - it's a given.

Helen Squared: Double the Expertise, Double the Impact

As there are many of you looking for a new approach to legal marketing services, Saltmarsh Marketing formed a collaboration with ELE Global and fellow legal marketer Helen Foord to launch a sister business, Helen Squared, to bring nearly 40 years’ of combined experience to clients.

Together, we work to turn the traditional on its head and make sure your marketing is as dynamic as your business vision. We're big enough to cover everything you might need, but small enough to really care about you and your business.

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