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Helen Burness is the name...

...and supporting legal services businesses who are changing the game is… well… my game.

Smarter. Faster. Funner.

I help legal businesses to do smarter marketing that gets results. I want to help you on your mission to create better client and lawyer experiences that will transform the legal industry.

So how do I do this? I champion purpose-led, innovative founders and businesses. I use modern marketing techniques to give you a powerfully recognisable voice that drives consistency and confidence in the marketplace.

Helping you launch and land

I provide strategic marketing support to supercharge growth and success. And I help you to develop a platform that will establish you and your business as an integral part of the dynamic legal community.

There are some great things going on in the legal industry right now. It’s the place to be!

Come and hang out in the Client Zone and find out what I do!

Client Zone