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Personal Branding

I empower legal founders and their teams to find their online voice and tell their story.

The power of the personal brand

As a legal services founder, having a strong personal brand and empowering your team to be your brand advocates in the marketplace will support your marketing at the company level.

I work with legal founders and teams to help you get over the uncomfortable prospect of having a personal brand and show up online with confidence and purpose.

Control your own narrative

Everyone has a personal brand. Even if you don’t think you do. It’s called your personality! And this is about giving you the confidence to show that online in a way that connects you with people you can do business whilst creating awareness for your business brand and company culture.

I’ll help you gain confidence in how to leverage your personal brand in a business context, articulating stories and values in a way that emotionally connects with prospects.

I run 1:1 coaching and team sessions and leave my virtual door open to all who I train with for the long term. Let’s work together to craft an action plan and give you the confidence to stand out.

I love helping people in legal show up online

So let’s have a chat