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Saltmarsh Sales

Sales strategies for legal technology businesses   

Sales shouldn’t be a dirty word. Sales is what makes your business world go round. And having a robust sales strategy and process which works with your marketing will propel your growth and increase revenue.

Saltmarsh specialises in developing sales strategies and processes for legal technology businesses. Our sales strategist is a former founder and Global Sales Director for a B2B technology company. He partners with legal tech founders on a powerful programme to work through your goals and the actions you need to take to achieve your objectives.  

It starts with a why    

Sunil Duggal will take you on a journey through your sales strategy. He will challenge every aspect of the buying process from understanding your ideal customer, why your prospects need to buy your solution, through to why they need to buy it right now. He’ll cover personas, pricing and buying processes and advise on the skills you need in your sales organisation.   

The end product?   

A sales strategy, plan and playbook with a buyer first approach which gives clarity to your business and sales teams.  

Changing the narrative around sales   

Saltmarsh is all about changing narratives. We’ll work with you to empower you to see sales not as a dirty word, but activity that is intentionally designed to help you line up more deals and of course, win more customers.  

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