Content repurposing for lawyers and legal businesses: Getting your content marketing right (Part 1)

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If you’re juggling client work and feeling your law firm marketing slipping through the cracks, you’re not alone. For many legal professionals, especially at small law firms, finding time for content marketing to potential clients is hard. But there’s a smart way to handle this: repurposing your existing content.

What is content repurposing, and why should legal businesses and law firms bother?

Usually, when we write a blog or article, we have a particular law firm potential client or legal business target audience in mind. We know what we want to say to them and how. We have a clear message that will resonate with them. Content repurposing, also known as content recycling, means taking existing content and adapting it to reach more people. It’s a great way of reaching more potential clients online. And it’s a great way of getting the most from your valuable content.

The benefits of content repurposing. #1: Reach more people online

Reaching more potential clients online with relevant content can mean different people or just more of the same audience. It’s important to remember that your audience has varied tastes in how they like to consume content. Some enjoy deep-dive articles. Others prefer quick reads on LinkedIn or other social media. Many like to watch short videos. By using your content in different ways, you can connect with all these preferences, making each piece work harder. A bit like a Swiss Army knife.

The benefits of content repurposing. #2: Reach different people online

As well as reaching more of the same, you might want to ensure that your content works for different target audiences. Say, for example, you’ve written a blog post or email newsletter about GDPR. This is relevant for both global big businesses and UK-based SMEs, but the delivery of the content will need to be subtly different for each. Repurposing content can be a great way of taking the same content but making it relevant to more than one audience.

The benefits of content repurposing. #3: Get a great ROI from your content marketing

Creating original content for your law firm or legal business takes a lot of effort. It takes time to write a brilliant blog post so it’s important to get the most out of that work. Repurposing your content lets you reach more people on various platforms. You can do this without always having to create something new. This approach saves time and effort, helping you work more efficiently. It’s about making the best use of your time, especially when you’re away from your client work.

The benefits of content repurposing. #4: Show up on social media platforms

Your online presence should be strong across all your content efforts. It’s worth doing if you want more clients and a wider audience. You need to show up on your primary social media platform (more often than not this is LinkedIn for business lawyers) get inbound links, and search engine optimization brownie points. And if you can do this by repurposing existing compelling content, rather than starting from scratch, it has to be a winning strategy.

Seven creative ways to repurpose content for lawyers

Now we’ve covered off what content repurposing is and why you should do it, let’s look into the process of repurposing your existing content. Instead of always making new, fresh content, which takes thought and time, you make content marketing strategies. They use what you’ve got in new ways. Here are eight ways to help you make the most of your content and expand your reach:

1. Do a content audit.

First, we need to see which content works best for your potential clients. Then, we can identify the priorities for repurposing. You can uncover hidden gems by analysing performance metrics and search rankings. These high-performing pieces have the potential to add value to your content strategy.

Doing a content audit allows you to pinpoint evergreen content topics that can be repurposed for different formats.

2. Break things down to create blog articles.

Say your original content was a guide to a legal industry hot topic. You can take that long, detailed legal guide and split it into smaller, more digestible blog posts. Each post can focus on a specific aspect or topic covered in the guide.

Or perhaps it was a guest post with lots of interview questions. You could turn each section into shorter blog posts. These could summarise the key points into lists that search engines will love.

3. Gain audience engagement and host a webinar.

Transform your detailed articles or reports into a webinar. This format allows you to go deep on topics. You can answer live questions and share legal insights. You can engage directly with your audience. It’s a great way to connect and provide value.

4. Expand your coverage on social media channels.

Use your articles as inspiration to create quick, impactful social media posts. Or turn valuable insights into visual content. Highlight key points. Mention common questions or interesting facts. These can spark discussion and engagement.

5. Transform complicated legal topics into visual content marketing success.

Turn complex data from your content – perhaps some sticky legal jargon – into infographics. These are not only easier to understand but also shareable, which helps widen your content’s reach.

6. Email campaigns designed to reach a wider audience

Develop a series of emails from your existing content. This helps keep the audiences on your email lists informed and engaged over time, encouraging them to explore more of your content.

7. Expand your evergreen content

We think content marketing efforts are always best when supported by a solid library of evergreen content. Evergreen content is a great way to ensure that, when inspiration fails, you always have something to say. When you repurpose your content you’re going to generate lots of new material for your content marketing plan that will last for a long time. This quality content can be added to your evergreen content library for future use, as well as stand-alone campaigns.

How Helen Squared’s Five Steps to Five Star Marketing Programme can help with your content creation and marketing for law firms

Our Five Steps to Five Star Marketing programme is designed for businesses in legal. It is for legal founders, growing law firms, general counsel, recruiters, and agencies. The programme is tried and tested.

We’re passionate about the benefits of high-quality content and content repurposing

For those deep in legal marketing, the Five Steps to Five Star Marketing Programme changes repurposing content from a task to a tailored strategy. It recognises the unique needs of legal businesses—from small law firms to legal tech providers—offering not just a launchpad but a sustained partnership in marketing excellence. This programme doesn’t just promise visibility; it ensures your repurposed content becomes a cornerstone of your growth, reaching more eyes and ears while staying true to the essence of your legal expertise.

Whether you’re looking to expand your audience or improve your online presence, Helen Squared’s “Five Steps to Five Star Marketing” program can help transform your content.

Get in touch with Helen Foord or Helen Burness to discover how our Five Steps to Five Star Marketing can make your content ideas work harder for you and your potential clients.

This blog is the first step in a series dedicated to exploring the art of content strategy and repurposing. In our next blog, we’ll guide you through auditing your existing content. You’ll learn how to discover the hidden gems that can bring new value to your LinkedIn strategy. You’ll learn how to assess performance metrics, spot high-performing pieces, and identify evergreen topics that can be repurposed for different formats.

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