Develop a Marketing Mindset: The Ultimate Legal Marketing Power Move


If you’re anything like me, you built your business to create change in the legal industry. You’re a legal professional with a purpose. You didn’t really sign up for the job of chief salesperson or marketing extraordinaire. But laser-focused legal marketing is your ticket to standing out and bringing in business from potential clients that matter.

Here’s the thing: you can have a marketing strategy and a grand plan but unless you fully embrace a marketing mindset and start to think like a marketer, your marketing efforts become a chore. And nobody needs any more of that in their life!

I’m going to show you how adopting a marketing mindset cuts through the overwhelm and turns confusion into clarity about the return on your marketing investment.

Modern marketing moves mountains for your legal business

I hate to break it to you, but legal marketing ain’t what it used to be. Sorry not sorry. But whichever way you cut it, modern marketing is here to stay and as a legal business owner with a game-changing vision you’ve got a heck of an opportunity.

It’s time for a legal marketing mindset shift. Less legal updates and seminars, more digital storytelling and impactful conversations. In March 2024, LexisNexis wrote that all firms should use organic social media to their advantage. Then just a couple of months later, The Law Society Gazette focused on the importance of LinkedIn with this helpful “How To” piece.

Reputation and referrals aren’t going anywhere fast in legal but now it’s time to enhance this approach by embracing digital marketing and social media.

Want to consistently attract potential clients? In a quickly innovating, noisier-by-the-minute legal marketplace, creating a stand-out brand and embracing the tactics of today is a no brainer.

Legal marketing has always been about building trust and relationships. And now? ‘People buy from people’ has never been truer. That laser-focused legal marketing strategy and plan is your golden ticket to connecting with your ideal prospects and creating customer-led marketing activities that bring results.

Think like a marketer: developing a strategy that delivers

Like in any other industry, effective legal marketing is about intention and clarity. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks!

At Saltmarsh Marketing, we’re all about getting super-clear on the who, the what, the why and the how. Ever felt like you’re yelling into the void? Then defining, connecting with and understanding your target audience will give you all the good feels. And hella results.

Why? Because you’re delivering marketing strategies that resonate with the right people. Your messaging cuts through the noise. You’re reaching them where they are on their journey, in the places they hang out. They’re ready to knock at your door with a big fat yes.

Context is everything with legal marketing. Combine the marketing fundamentals with knowledge of trends in the industry *and* marketing that you can adopt and you’ll stay ahead and front of mind.

Marketing mindset: the magic wand you never knew you needed

An uber-strategic approach to marketing? Check. A solid plan to execute your strategy? Check. Allow me to add one final thing to your legal marketing checklist. And that’s a marketing mindset.

Bold and brave statement alert: unless you think and operate with the mindset of a marketer, you’re at risk of feeling flummoxed and confused by your marketing.

Adopting a growth marketing mindset empowers you to be results focused and customer-centric. Say yes to that test. Analyse and adapt your marketing based on what your data’s telling you.

The pesky thing about innovation is that it just keeps moving. So it’s time to jump aboard the change train and embrace it. This isn’t about trying every new trend but courageously identifying the opportunities that align with your strategies.

There are a ton of different ways you can move the needle in your business, but without a curious and flexible mindset you might just miss that one marketing tactic, trend or tool that works brilliantly for you and your ideal clients.

Marketing isn’t a short-term play. In today’s overwhelming digital landscape, a long-term mindset is non-negotiable. Consistency still reigns supreme – but what does that look like for you in terms of your branding? Or how often you show up on social media, while respecting your boundaries?

Consistency is only achievable with a long-term, sustainable mindset. Play the long game, with purpose.

Mastering your legal marketing mindset through coaching

Like a muscle, your marketing mindset can be flexed and developed over time. There’s no reason why as a legal founder you’d naturally have a marketing mindset. This is where strategic coaching comes in.

When you or your marketing team work with a Marketing Coach who’s a legal marketing professional deep in the trenches, you’re co-creating a marketing approach that has the flexibility to pivot and adapt to the changing landscape.

Coaching is a gloriously and uniquely transformative process of meeting you where you are on your unique legal marketing journey. It’s a form of professional development that guides you towards specific goals and futureproofs your business.

The beauty of coaching programmes like my very own Marketing Masterplanning is that they propel you to the next level, with momentum. My role as your Marketing Coach is not as an instructor or an outsourced marketer, but as your expert guide along your path. My partnership makes your Founder journey that bit less lonely. You walk away from the experience, not just with powerful results but with the knowledge to continue the momentum beyond the coaching experience.

So if you’re looking to take your legal marketing up a level with help from experts who know how to keep things moving in the right direction, it might just be time to invest in marketing coaching.

Ready to get clear, intentional and purposeful with your marketing? Book a Discovery Call now.

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