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Helen Squared

The marketing power of two

Sometimes two heads really are better than one… and when those two heads are two of the most dedicated legal marketing people in the world (or at least a small corner of it not far from Londis, between Caffè Nero and Pret) you know you’ve got something pretty special going on.

Helen Burness champions purpose-led, innovative founders and businesses in the legal sector. Using modern marketing, she gives them a powerfully recognisable voice that drives consistency and confidence in the marketplace.

Helen Foord is a multi-award winning, global, strategic marketing and business development consultant. She’s passionate about empowering people to make a commercial and professional difference, in a socially, environmentally, financially and communicationally responsible way.


Together they are Helen Squared.


In 2021 they decided to collaborate to bring a unique perspective to supporting businesses of all sizes in the legal sector. Not only do they personally bring more than 40 years’ (ouch) of experience working in legal marketing, the combined teams of Saltmarsh Marketing and ELE Global, as well as Elephants Write, offer a level of insight, resource and downright brilliance you can’t get anywhere else.


Think the Helen Squared approach sounds like the missing piece in your marketing puzzle?

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