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5 Steps to 5 Star Marketing

It’s not just chucking muck at the wall…

Making sure your marketing generates enquiries and business isn’t as simple as chucking muck at the wall to see what sticks. You need to make sure you’re speaking the right language, to the right people and in the right places. That’s why every project we deliver starts with our 5 Steps to 5 Star Marketing.

Step 1: Imagine

This is a strategy exercise during which we work out your brand ‘why’, points of differentiation, personas, positioning and how your services address consumer needs.

Step 2: Plan

We then use this strategic work to map out your approach to content including an activity and editorial calendar for the next six months.

Step 3: Create

Next we make sure you have a bank of evergreen social media posts to use, based on existing content (website landing pages, blogs etc), as well as a set of punchy visuals to support this, from social tiles to infographics.

Step 4: Train

We’ll run team training on personal branding, your content plan and your content, and give you guidance on how to optimise this across your primary social media channel. (More often than not for law firms and legal services businesses this is LinkedIn – but we do others too!) The most important thing is that you feel empowered and skilled as a business owner to keep on delivering marketing – if that’s what you want.

Stage 5: Deliver again and again

In many cases our clients pick the ball up and run with it at this point. We’ve done our work in giving them the foundations they need to deliver five star marketing.

But if you want a bit more help and support, we won’t run away just yet. We can also quote to provide ongoing monthly support.

Think the Helen Squared approach sounds like the missing piece in your marketing puzzle?

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