Hitting the right note: What is Tone of Voice, and why does it matter?

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They say it’s not just about what you say; it’s how you say it. This is where “tone of voice” comes into play, and understanding its importance can change your legal marketing for the better.

At Helen Squared, our aim is simple – to help you find your voice and connect with your audience effectively. Whether you’re dealing with potential clients, partners, or investors, understanding the significance of tone of voice can set you apart in a crowded marketplace.

Over the course of our blog series, we’ll talk about what tone of voice is, why it matters, and how you can find your unique voice. Read on to find out why the right tone of voice can make all the difference for legal businesses striving to stand out!

What is Tone of Voice?

Tone of voice is the personality of your communication. It’s not just the words you choose; it’s how your message feels. For legal professionals, law firms, and legal businesses, your tone of voice is a powerful tool that makes your marketing work. Think of your tone of voice as the heart of your brand. It’s what tells people who you are and what you’re all about. A consistent tone of voice helps your clients recognise and connect with you and your brand.

It boils down to one golden rule: know your audience. It’s not just saying what you think; it’s about getting inside your clients’ heads, understanding what they like, and talking in a way that makes sense to them. Our approach is built on this idea, and exploring tone of voice is not just about saying things but about creating a message that resonates with your audience. So, when we talk about finding your voice, we mean creating messaging that makes sense to your audience.

Why is understanding Tone of Voice so important in legal marketing?

In the legal world, you’re not just selling legal services; you’re essentially selling yourself. Clients might inherently trust your legal expertise due to your qualifications and firm reputation, but the real question is, do they like you, connect with you, and trust your approach? These subtle aspects play an important role in their decision-making process, and here’s where tone of voice comes into play. It’s the tool that transforms you from a faceless, corporate entity to a relatable, real person. Tone of voice becomes the vehicle through which you convey the softer, yet crucial, elements that influence clients’ buying decisions. It’s the key to sounding human in a field often perceived as rigid and impersonal.

The legal field is also known for its complex jargon. This can make people feel intimidated when seeking legal help. In this environment, a tone of voice that is clear, human, and easy to understand is incredibly important – for more on that, you can read our blog on Plain Language Principles here.

Clients don’t want to hear legal jargon. They want answers to their legal issues in a way they can understand. Using simple, clear language doesn’t mean simplifying the law; it means making the law accessible. Legal professionals who make this shift from complex to simple language build trust and help clients make better decisions.

Consistency is key!

When you keep your tone consistent and genuine in all your interactions, it creates a sense of familiarity and trust with your audience. It’s akin to building a long-lasting friendship, where your clients come to appreciate your values and communication style.

In a world filled with legal complexities and technical jargon, your tone of voice acts as a bridge between your expertise and your clients’ understanding. It makes the law accessible, relatable, and more human. And who doesn’t want the law to be more relatable?

In essence, your tone of voice is the link that connects your legal expertise to your clients’ needs. It’s not just a component of your brand; it IS your brand. It shapes perceptions, nurtures relationships, and opens doors to deeper connections with your audience. So, when you think about your tone of voice, think of it as the heart and soul of your brand.

Finding the right tone of voice can be challenging, especially when professionalism is a top concern. You might worry that using simple language might make them seem less professional. However, this isn’t true. A well-crafted tone of voice can enhance professionalism. This is something we’ll dig into in the next blog.

Bringing it all together

Our Five Steps to Five Star Marketing programme isn’t just about boosting your legal business; it’s about making your communication relatable and easy to understand. In the world of legal marketing, where complicated jargon can be the norm, we help you find your authentic voice. We get that trust is vital, and your tone of voice plays a huge role in that. Our programme is like a crash course in talking the talk your clients understand.

We teach you how to keep things clear, simple, and human, breaking down those legal complexities. By combining strategy, content, and training, we give you the tools to connect better with your audience. So, if you want to improve your marketing and sound like a real person in the legal world, our programme is the way to go.

In our next blog, we’ll dive into the impact of different tones of voice, and how you can find yours – so stay tuned!

At Helen Squared, we collaborate with our clients to shift away from legalese, helping them convey their message effectively to the intended audience in a language that resonates. We are now booking clients for 2024, so get in touch with us at or for a chat about how our Five Steps to Five Star programme could fulfil your legal business or law firm marketing needs for the year ahead.

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