LinkedIn Collaborate

When you need more than LinkedIn training....

You're a senior legal professional bursting with ideas on what you want to say on LinkedIn.
You know who you want to connect with and why. You have a clear idea on goals. You have a following.
But how do you find time to put the proverbial pen to paper and knock it out of the park with consistently perfect posts?

The pressure is real. And as always, we want to help.

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At Saltmarsh we believe in the power of the individual profile on LinkedIn.

We also believe in the personal growth opportunities that using LinkedIn for business provides.

Lastly, we believe in working collaboratively when it comes to your marketing in a way that both empowers you, but also provides support.

Enter, LinkedIn Collaborate.

Helping senior professionals in legal with their LinkedIn game.

Here's what to expect:

This IS:

⚡️ Personalised, collaborative LinkedIn development

⚡️ Ongoing 1:1 coaching to help you with your LinkedIn journey


⚡️ Pure ghost-writing

⚡️ Outsourcing your LinkedIn (no way!)

It's about us working together to; develop clear content pillars, form ideas for posts, create content formats and consistently analyse what's working well and what we need to change.

What's included?

⚡️ Post optimisation on any posts you write ensuring they perform according to the laws of LinkedIn

⚡️ Six starter for ten post ideas every month

⚡️ Dedicated Click-Up Space for collaboration and ongoing communication

⚡️ Monthly strategy call and content collection session

⚡️ How-to videos to support with technical queries

⚡️ Analysis on post-performance

⚡️ Updates on LinkedIn changes you need to know about

LinkedIn Collaborate

£875 + vat

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Because doesn’t every legal founder or law firm leader
deserve support to be visible on LinkedIn?

Of course they do.

However, due to the intensive and collaborative nature of this we only take on five senior legal professionals at a time according to who we think we can best represent.

If you'd like to chat about how this could work for you, let's find a time...

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