LinkedIn’s Latest Changes: What Lawyers and Legal Professionals Need to Know


Even for me, a self-confessed LinkedIn addict who is on the platform 24/7 (as near as can be – I clearly do not really recommend this!) and has been banging the drum for LinkedIn in the legal industry since 2010, staying ahead of the rate of change is a daily challenge.

Recently, Richard van der Blom, LinkedIn expert extraordinaire on all things algo-related, highlighted significant declines in key engagement metrics, adding another layer of complexity to an already challenging digital landscape.

But what does all this mean for law firms, legal professionals and their online presence?

Read on, and I will tell you what I know…

The LinkedIn Algorithm – What’s Up, What’s Down

Anybody who creates regularly on LinkedIn has noticed it. Reach is down, engagement is down, posts that might have knocked it out of the park a while back with your target audience are not performing as well as before. It’s noisier than ever. Here are metrics and insights from Richard who has analysed what is going on:

  • Impressions: Down 30%-40%
  • Follower Growth: Down 35%-45%
  • Engagement: Down 70%-80%
  • Carousels: Down 40%-50%
  • Text plus Image Posts: Down 30%-40%
  • Native Video: Down 75%-85%
  • Polls: Down 40%-50%
  • Selfies: Down 50%
  • Hashtags: No longer matter! I am gaslit.

Well, that feels depressing. Surely something is on the up? Indeed it is.

  • Sponsored Content & Ads: Up nearly 50%
  • Preferred Content Creators: Up almost 24%, especially those discussing AI
  • Other Content Creators: Up 18%
  • AI Generated Content by LinkedIn: Up 6%

Organic company page content visibility has dwindled to around 1.5%. For small law firms and legal businesses investing in their company pages as a primary channel to meet with potential clients, this is disheartening news. But, as a ahem – “seasoned” legal marketer, I have witnessed similar declines on other social media platforms from FaceBook to Instagram, shifting from organic growth to a pay-to-play model. Platforms need to focus on ad revenue, making organic audience growth increasingly challenging.

What Does This Mean for Lawyers on LinkedIn?

The decline in organic reach and engagement means lawyers and legal professionals may need to rethink their LinkedIn strategy.

Here are some simple top tips when it comes to your online presence as a lawyer:

Leverage lawyer profiles: With company pages achieving minimal visibility, the power lies in your individual profile. This is where you can build your brand, engage with your network and meet professional connections, and share valuable content. At the very least make sure you have an up-to-date personal profile, professional headshot and a good shop window for anyone who might be referring to your profile for legal services.

Not off the blocks yet? Fear not. We run training to help you and your team cut through the noise and show up with clarity and purpose to your target audience.

Develop a long-term strategy: Quick tactics without a long-term strategy won’t create sustainable growth. Understand your goals, target audience, positioning, messaging, and how you will measure success.

Invest in being social: Building a network and community requires active engagement. This means investing time in commenting, sharing, and genuinely connecting with others—not outsourcing these tasks to AI or someone else.

If you’re not yet active on LinkedIn, the opportunity gap is narrowing. Back yourself and your legal career, and get in the LinkedIn game. I’ll hold your hand (metaphorically) every step of the way to ensure you achieve what you need without burning out.

Saltmarsh Marketing provides marketing coaching, support and strategy to all kinds of businesses and individuals in the legal sector to ensure they succeed when it comes to their digital marketing. If you fancy a natter about your plans and dreams, shoot me an email at . You bring the ambition; I’ll bring the expertise.

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