What clients say

Nilema Bhakta-Jones

Multi-award winning Executive, GC, Founder Courageous Leaders Event, Board Adviser Empathy Week

"Delighted to recommend Helen, we worked on a Go To Market plan. She understood our brief completely, contributed really interesting builds on concepts. She seamlessly organised focus groups and synthesised the information and with recommendations on execution. The work product was excellent. It exceeded my expectations. The output gave me a fantastic foundation to iterate the plan. We worked collaboratively on a unique internal marketing campaign and engagement. Helen's knowledge and industry expertise enhanced the project, the cherry on the icing is how wonderful she is to work with. Working Helen does not feel like work, she brings humour, knowledge and expertise."

Sarah-Jane Butler

Lawyer and Founder of Farringford Legal

"I am thrilled to highly recommend Helen and her team for their exceptional service and professionalism. Their attention to detail and patience in understanding the intricacies of our business is commendable. Helen's team stands out for their deep, insightful analysis and bespoke advice, tailored specifically to our unique marketing challenges.

Their ability to provide constructive, actionable feedback is a testament to their dedication and expertise. Implementing their recommendations has already initiated positive changes in our marketing. The team's approach is not merely consultative; they engage as true partners, genuinely invested in our success.

Helen and her team’s blend of professionalism and personal touch is particularly impressive. Their insights have been invaluable, offering practical solutions and prompting significant, thoughtful developments in our business strategy. For any organization seeking to improve operations, understand their market better, or in need of expert guidance, Helen and her team are the ideal choice."

Manu Kanwar

Founder - Lex Solutions

"Helen is just pure magic. She has such enthusiasm, creativity and kindness, I feel lucky to work with her. She's super-focused and dedicated, always going above and beyond - and yet with so much ease and fun. Her passion to make the world a better place; her sensitivity to business needs as well as personal touches; and her informal authentic style, all make her a unique and invaluable advisor."

Michael Burne

Managing Partner, Carbon Law Partners and Bamboo Platform  

"From the very first chat (which overran) I knew I'd found someone special. A deeply kind and thoughtful person who is literally riddled with integrity and being her true self. If you are lucky enough to work with Helen you will get the experience of someone who doesn't just do the job - a job incidentally she does fabulously well. You will also get an advocate, a confidante, a champion, an amazing and generous connector with a huge network across law and its affiliated businesses.

From marketing strategy for law brands to the execution of what's needed through a network of great providers she covers the A to Z of marketing particularly well for new, emerging brands and disruptors and challengers.

She's like lovely, sustainable, socially conscious and humble rocket fuel."

Adel Sheikh

Founder, The Art Of Law

"We've worked with Helen on a few different projects now and she is hands down our go-to legal marketing specialist. From social media to digital marketing strategies to an abundance of 80's references, she's got it all and should be your go-to person too!"

Nicky Leijtens

Former Co-Founder She Breaks the Law

"Helen is a brilliant and creative marketing consultant who can help you make impact, with smart and efficient actions. Next to that, she is a business powerhouse, who knows what it takes to move from early-start-up to a more mature stage, without losing the playful and infectious early-stage spirit of opportunities and possibilities. She will guide you in developing an authentic and competitive value proposition, and help develop and implement an actionable plan that will enable you to grow your business in a sustainable way. Besides her extensive knowledge and experience, she brings lightness and creativity to the table, which is indispensable, especially when the going gets tough. Helen: despite having worked together for over 2,5 years now, you never stop to amaze and inspire me. Everything you touch, turns into gold!"

Helen Foord

CEO, ElE Global and Co-Founder Helen Squared  

"I never cease to be amazed by the depth of Helen's expertise. She's my go-to person for all things digital marketing and social media. Helen is the perfect blend of tactical excellence and heavyweight strategic skill. She always knows exactly the right way to go about achieving the commercial goals my clients have. I've yet to find a legal sector marketing challenge Helen can't meet head on and with her characteristic approachability, practicality and enthusiasm. In fact, I liked working with Helen so much we joined forces and created Helen Squared. How's THAT for a recommendation!"

Merlie Calvert

CEO & Founder, Farillio

“Helen has terrific EQ, true empathy for our customers and an honest and creative energy that is infectious. We worked together recently on a social media campaign and strategy that was very raw and very real for Farillio’s community. I loved every aspect of her work, and every minute of working with her.”

Electra Japonas

CEO and Founder, TLB

“Helen supported the creation of our marketing strategy and building out our value proposition. She is one of the few people in the legal marketing space who really understands disruptive legal companies and what they aim to achieve. She is also collaborative, open-minded and easy to talk to. Thanks for all your help Helen!”

David Farquarhson

Former Co-founder, Ignition Law

“Helen is a breath of fresh air and a true professional. She will quickly understand the true drivers of your business, developing and implementing a strategic marketing plan, powering visibility and brand awareness with an insightful social media strategy. What’s more, her infectious personality encourages long term buy in from the wider team. Helen achieves results – we were lucky to find her and it was a pleasure to work together.”

Justin North

Former Managing Director, Morae

“Any advice you can get from Helen for positioning and branding in the legal space is invaluable. She rocks!”

Janvi Patel

Former CEO of Halebury, Vice President of Elevate

“Helen brought new life to the team. She had brilliant ideas and was able to implement them seamlessly. Helen is always thinking outside the box, but as there is literally no one who knows the legal market better as well as the movers and shakers within it, Helen knew how to guide us to develop and implement our vision. On the ground, Helen helped create and develop every aspect of the lawyer and client journey. She also worked on the Halebury flexible resourcing brand, the LPM offering, the co-founders’ personal brands as well as the legal team’s individual brands. Helen found new ways to help.”

Denise Nurse

Former CEO of Halebury and Vice President of Elevate

“There is no one better to represent your brand, advise on marketing strategy, brainstorm new ideas with and turn your passion and visions into reality with, than Helen. I have a masterclass in marketing on every project we work on together. Helen has the expertise and experience of the biggest law firms coupled with the humility and nimbleness of New Law. She is also a simply fantastic human being. If you have the opportunity of working with her or any of her team it will be a winning moment for you. She is a game changer.”

Charlotte Noon

Head of Marketing and Business Development, EIP

“I have long admired Helen’s social media presence and personal brand so when I wanted to conduct a social media review at EIP I couldn’t think of anyone better to work with! Helen produced a social media audit and delivered brand training which was a really interactive, fun, and useful session. Following Helen’s training there has been a marked increase in fee-earners usage and engagement with LinkedIn which is a great endorsement! It was a pleasure to work with Helen again and I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

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