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Marketing coaching to help you brainstorm singular thorny issues right up to working together to create your marketing roadmap.

Legal entrepreneurialism is on the rise – and Saltmarsh Marketing is here for it.

You’re a lawyer with a great idea. Maybe that’s a new product, technology or a new way of delivering and optimising legal services. Maybe you are looking to become a legal consultant and develop your own practice. You’ve seen the gap in the market, and you have plans to fill it.

It’s tempting to launch into tactics and quick online visibility to tick that marketing box. But your dreams need direction, and a brilliant product or service needs a roadmap that does it justice. And you need to access this in a high quality and cost manageable way.

With years of experience traversing the rugged terrain of legal marketing from BigLaw to the Bar to NewLaw start-ups and scale-ups like an intrepid legal marketing Bear Grylls, I have a deep understanding of the lay of the land. I want to pass knowledge gained over that time onto other entrepreneurs in legal – legal founders, lawyer in firms with innovative plans, self-employed legal consultants – entrepreneurialism comes in many forms!

Three Ways to Work with Me

If you are looking for legal marketing support with your business dream, why not book a 60 minute call and blitz through all you need to know with someone who has spent over twenty years in the legal industry… or GO ALL IN with a set of sessions to work on your marketing roadmap together.

Take your pick:

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Marketing Momentum Sessions

(plus VAT)

If you are a legal founder, or legal consultant or legal entrepreneur, this punchy session will help you brainstorm, plan and get you on the road to marketing clarity.  Because two heads are better than one.

I’ll send you some questions in advance to think about, then during a one-hour session, we’ll chart the course of your marketing journey. We'll talk through where you are now, where you want to get to and what you need to do to get there.

You’ll get a mini follow-up plan and a clear actionable roadmap with tangible actions and an accountability partner checking in to see what progress you are making.

Your time is valuable. Your money as an entrepreneur and business professional is equally so. So I am committed to making every minute count.

Let’s kick ambiguity to the curb and create a clear path to success together.

Let’s get started.

How this works:

Marketing momentum sessions are priced at £499 plus VAT in advance to cover:

⚡️ pre-call research

⚡️ call

⚡️follow-up mini-plan

⚡️the inevitability, if we hit it off, of being in my network FOREVER and having me constantly send you things I think could be relevant because the value never stops.

So let's get get you booked right in and get the momentum going.


Marketing Masterplanning

(plus VAT)

You’ve set up your legal business, practice product or service. You’re scaling, you’re evolving. But now you need more than momentum. You need a masterplan to keep you heading in the right direction.

Marketing Masterplanning with Saltmarsh is a series of structured calls designed to give you clarity and get you to the next stage of your marketing with Helen Squared’s Five Steps to Five Star Marketing Programme.

Over this series of calls we will:

⚡️Discuss your target clients, their challenges, how you are solving them and how you weave this into your marketing

⚡️ Unveil narratives that resonate with your clients

⚡️ Articulate what it is you do, enhance the benefits and results and make working with you and your brand a no brainer

⚡️ Talk about who you are not looking to work with and why – and what not to say

⚡️ Talk tactical – what marketing channels should be investing in and why? What do you need to be visible on them in a sustainable way? How can you resource this and build to scale?

At the end of each session you’ll be empowered to put pen to paper with some simple tools and workbooks so that by the end of the programme, you are on track and focussed with what you need to do great marketing.

This is run either over three months with x2 calls a month (intensive), or over six months with one call a month.

Book a space now for marketing clarity - email me now and we'll book in your sessions.

Marketing Milestones


Get ready to move your marketing from 0-11! Legal founders, solopreneurs and consultants – if you want “literally”, the whole marketing package – this one’s for you.

It’s split into three pivotal stages – or milestones…

1: Founder-Led Branding
Your marketing journey begins with crafting a powerful personal brand. We’ll work together to harness your unique founder story, align it with your business objectives, and create an online brand on LinkedIn that gets you in front of the right audience with the right results.

2: Marketing Masterplanning
Over six intensive coaching sessions we'll work through your strategy to map out your target audience, positioning, and messaging. Then, we talk tactics. By the end of this milestone, you'll have a twelve month marketing roadmap, tailored just for you.

3: Website Creation
The grand finale arrives in the form of an exquisitely tailored, bespoke for you, SEO-optimised website from the Saltmarsh Squad: three legal marketing experts who work together to deliver your digital shopfront.

This is more than a marketing programme - it's a partnership. We work alongside you at every step. Together we’ll ensure each milestone is not just reached, but surpassed.

Marketing Milestones can be run over six months or one year according to when you want to launch.

Pricing can vary depending on level of website build – but rest assured it is staggered to ensure cost manageability for the bootstrapped founder.

Ready to set your marketing milestones? Contact us to begin.

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