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There comes a time when you need to look beyond word of mouth referrals to create a sustainable, scalable legal services business or law firm – and that’s where we come in to deliver experienced legal marketing support. 

We ask clients to set a budget that works for their business when it comes to marketing spend per month. We are used to working with small legal services businesses to deliver a cost effective service, but we also price for the quality of our many years’ experience working in the legal sector and bringing that insight and best practice to you. 

Content marketing is about creating and distributing useful, value-packed content that aligns with your target audience, communicates your expertise and what you are able to do for your customers. It’s everything from blogs and newsletters to social media posts and videos. 

A strong personal brand for your as a law firm founder and your team will differentiate you and allow you to build trust with your community. This in turn will lead to all kinds of business opportunities. 

Investing in SEO for your law firm website is an important part of your digital marketing strategy that not only supports your content strategy, but boosts your online credibility and ensures you are visible online.  

Return on marketing will differ according to each individual law firm’s marketing goals and how these translate into activities. What is important is that you consider in advance what success looks like and how you will measure whether what you are doing is working and having an impact. 

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