One Step Beyond

For the alumni of our Five Steps to Five Star

Welcome to the Five Steps to Five Star Alumni Programme - because you didn't really think we were going to leave you all alone now that we've come this far did you?

OK, so you’ve worked with The Helens to create future-fit strategy and plan, a clear voice and messages, a cohesive visual brand on social media, and a thriving company page on LinkedIn with a set of blogs.

Your website never been so visited, your LinkedIn stats are through the roof and people are starting to comment on how they are seeing SO much more about your business these days…. 

It's gone so well, why leave it there?! 

You’re a busy legal founder with a lot to do.  

So, why not let us give you the precious gift of headspace and continue to help on all things content, social media and comms?   

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With our One Step Beyond marketing package you’ll continue to benefit from:


⚡️ Strategic direction and founder support from The Helens

⚡️ Endless planning, content ideas, campaign and blog angles

⚡️ One piece of quality copywritten content per month
repurposed into a mini campaign to play out on social media.

⚡️ You won’t have to fret about what to post on LinkedIn ever again.

The longer we get to know your business, the more value we can provide as your partners.  

And if you do need support with another project over and above One Step Beyond, we have the resources and network in the background to support with that as well.  

Sound good? Then it all starts with Five Steps to Five Star…  

Because, cue the music...
“How wonderful life is. While you’re in the world”

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