Marketing Milestones

Founder-led branding. Marketing coaching. Website build.

Get ready to dial-up your legal marketing from 0-11...

Legal founders – if you want “literally” the whole marketing package – this one’s for you.

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Early-stage founder in legal? How does it sound to work on a manageable marketing programme that gives you everything you need to launch your legal business idea to success? Split into three pivotal stages – or milestones -here's what this involves:

1. Founder-Led Branding – lead with your founder brand  as you grow your company brand.

2. Marketing Masterplanning – our coaching programme designed to help you create your marketing strategy and roadmap.

3. Website – designing and building you a quality website to give you the digital foundations you need to scale.

Marketing Milestones can be run over three - six months or one year according to when you want to launch.

Here's what to expect at each milestone:

⚡️ Founder-Led Branding

Gaining your customers trust is a priority - and that where your personal brand come in. We’ll work together to create a strong personal brand, harness your founder story, align it with your business objectives, and create an online brand on LinkedIn that gets you in front of the right audience with the right results.

⚡️ Marketing Masterplanning

During six intensive coaching sessions we'll work through your marketing strategy to map out your target audience, positioning, messaging, campaigns and content. Then, we talk tactics and marketing channels. By the end of this milestone, you'll have a twelve - eighteen month marketing roadmap, tailored for your growing business.

⚡️ Saltmarsh Squad Website 

The grand finale arrives in the form of an exquisitely tailored, bespoke for you, SEO-optimised website from the Saltmarsh Squad: three legal marketing experts who work together to deliver your digital shopfront, getting the right digital foundations in place to help you scale.

By the end of Marketing Milestones, you'll have everything you need for you as a legal founder and your legal business to market your way to success.

What's included in the programme?

⚡️90 minute online workshops (x2) - on developing your founder brand strategy and optimising it on LinkedIn, including workbooks and recordings of the sessions.

⚡️ Follow up LinkedIn Clinics (x3) - to discuss ongoing progress, challenges and opportunities on LinkedIn, and to brainstorm ideas for future content and posts.

⚡️Online marketing coaching sessions of 90 mins (x6) - with access to a video of each session, notes and summaries to pull thoughts into themes and follow up actions.

⚡️ A high quality website courtesy of the Saltmarsh Squad to give you and the business the right digital foundations to scale into the future.

⚡️The inevitability of being in the Saltmarsh Inner Circle FOREVER as a Marketing Milestones Alumni. You've got a marketing partner for the long term.

You'll also benefit from two free Marketing Momentum Sessions for signing up for the whole programme.

Marketing Milestones

£ - Available upon request

Pricing can vary depending on the level of website build, but rest assured - it's staggered to ensure cost manageability for the bootstrapped founder.

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